what do i need in my workplace first aid kit

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 · Like other requirements, this can depend on the type of work being done. For set locations there may be a dedicated area that is quickest for people to get to where the first aid kit is kept, but from those who drive company vehicles or work out in the field on different job sites, the kit will need to be taken along in the car for example.

where is the location of your workplace first aid kit First Aid kits and CPR barrier masks. Our First Aid kits are fully customized according to the needs of your group or location. Whether you want to prepare for a specific type of emergency, or you simply want have the basic necessities on-hand, we can help. We also offer First Aid and Pediatric First aid training courses to complement any kit.

 · OSHA goes on to reference American National standards institute (ansi) z308.1-1998, “Minimum Requirements for Workplace First-aid Kits,” to provide an example of what should be contained in your first aid kit. KPA recommends employers provide first aid kits that meet the minimum requirements set forth by the 1998 ANSI standard.

 · The California Occupational Safety & Health administration (cal/osha) regulation title 8 ccr Section 3400 specifies that first-aid supplies must be made available to all employees on every job.. In paragraph (c) of this standard, it further states that a physician must approve the contents of a first-aid kit in the workplace, but does not go so far as to specify the exact contents of the kit.

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A Workplace First-aid kit is a legal requirement for every workplace in Ireland. It must also be clearly marked in a green box with a white cross on it or a white box with a green cross on it. Your staff should all be made aware of where their nearest first aid box is located.

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Completing the Workplace First Aid Needs Assessment. Checklist will help identify what else should be in your first aid kit. How many kits do I need and where.

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